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Almzeit in Sölden

It's ALMZEIT Time: a special theme trail for families, combining pleasant hikes with exciting activities. ALMZEIT stands for a superb walking trail that connects varied mountain huts and pastures in Sölden's mountains. Walking from "TIME to TIME" focuses on varied stations amid the picture-book Alpine scenery. All mountain huts and pastures, featuring information panels, serve traditional specialties matching with the theme hike. Varied events await you, as well as exciting attractions or interactive play areas. Families will experience truly unforgettable ALMZEIT Moments with all senses.

Sölden’s Silent Part: a mountain world offering silent moments plus surprisingly varied Alpine fauna and flora you never expected! Hikers can also explore the more secluded parts of the superb Alpine valley like Windachtal and Brunnenberg, following the three scenic theme trails "Forest Area-Pastureland Area-Alpine Area".

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Almzeit Sölden


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Kartenansicht Almzeit


Discover the most scenic side of Pasture Life ...

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Sölden in the Ötztal Valley has two very special highlights when it comes to varied summer holidays: the area's western mountain flanks stand for sports and active days amid pasturelands – while the eastern part promises genuine and authentic pasture life at a more leisurely pace. What's best, more than 20 exploration spots give an insight into this Alpine region of awesome beauty.

Sölden has not invented a completely new theory of relativity. It has simply concentrated on already existing environments by defining "time" and "space" in a different way: we are talking about the beautiful high Alpine pasturelands. Time is relative to the observer and can be measured in hours and minutes or – better – in memorable moments like we do. Pasture life promises a totally new feeling far away from the worries of everyday routine.

Experience "Almzeit Sölden"
Almzeit stands for easy theme hiking trails for families, connecting varied mountain huts and pastures spread all over Sölden's mountain flanks. Walking from "TIME to TIME" focuses on varied stations amid the picture-book Alpine scenery. With 20 attractive pastureland spots the holiday resort of Sölden boasts Austria's biggest number of themed pastures and serviced mountain huts in the village's immediate surroundings. Theme trails focus on forests, nature, precious stones, games, potatoes, rustic parlors, hearty snacks, music, history, panoramic views, animals, water, peaks, hunting grounds, sports, art, gourmet delights, typical specialties, lakes, fairytales, eternal ice, mountain bike and time traveling. A unique experience not to be missed.

All mountain huts, inns and pastures feature information panels and serve traditional specialties matching with the theme hike. Additionally, varied events are scheduled as well as exciting attractions or interactive play areas for young and old. There is something for all skill levels and preferences, the choice is all yours: adventure, activity and plenty of adrenalin!

The Pulse of Nature
All those who prefer the more silent side of nature are recommended to explore the other side of the valley – Sölden's quiet part. Here you discover wide open spaces, idyllic mountain huts and secluded pasturelands, deep green forests and high Alpine mountaineering areas focusing on sun-flooded spots or contemplative energetic places of strength. The most important elements of all: silence, peace and quiet!

Experiencing Sölden's Almzeit close-by promises ultimate nature exploration coupled with many little secrets spread along romantic footpaths, water trails, mystic landscapes and colorful Alpine flowers. With a bit of luck hikers can watch ibexes, chamois, marmots and Alpine jackdaws. Early birds staying overnight on an Alpine hut  even enjoy a breathtaking sunrise in the mountains coupled with uninterrupted panoramic views of the valley. From this bird's eye view the world seems almost endless, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Different dimensions in space and time can create completely new ideas and perspectives.

There are many possibilities to indulge in "Almzeit Sölden" on scenic walking routes, by bus or summer mountain lifts – special advantages are available for guests in possess of the Ötztal Premium Card (staying at one of the Ötztal Premium Card member accommodations) and the Ötztal Card which can be purchased at many selling points. The use of Gaislachkogl and Giggijoch mountain gondolas is already included for card holders. Additionally, they take full advantage of the Windachtal shuttle service and the public hut taxi line. From the 2014 summer season holders of the Ötztal Card or Ötztal Premium Card can use this free service once.

The "Almzeit Sölden" information folder is available at Ötztal Tourismus.

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